Saturday, March 27, 2010

3月27日 Day 3: Shibuyaaaaaa~!

Omg, we just spent all day in Shibuya!! I think that Shibuya has to be my favorite place in Tokyo. Maybe it's because of Shibuya 109-- this suuuuper awesome young and hip store. It was 8 floors of utter fashionista paradise! (Trey-- you would have LOVED all the floral dresses and rompers, it was SO you!) Each floor had a different variation of all the Tokyo fashion styles: femme, club/street wear, and SHOES GALORE. HOOOOOMYGAWD. I bought a new watch and had my mom buy me a new purse (gotta milk it before I have to start paying for things myself...)!

This was definitely the best purchase I've ever made my mom buy me. It's a fanny pack and a shoulder messenger bag-ish sorta thing! It's got tons of pockets and it's totally hot.

My new watch~! :D

We ate this delicious yaki buta ramen for lunch at this place called Hayashi. It was only 700- 1,000 yen for all the different types of ramen (all 3 of them!). I didn't know this, but apparently all Japanese ramen places are long and narrow, served bar style with maybe about 10 seats. This place is so popular, a line forms outside like a club!

Ahhh Japan in the spring~ Sakura in Shibuya!

We ended our day of fabulous non-stop shopping with dinner at Ume no Hana in Aoyama. Here's our friend Michiyo with some yuba (tofu skin)!

Steak that came with a hot stone. The paper is used to retain the heat and to protect us from the splatter!

Mom got fresh abalone instead of steak.

Things are pretty good here. I could get used to this...

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