Sunday, July 25, 2010

7月25日 Day 123: Cat Cafe

After a night full of drama and trauma, my friends and I decided to unwind by going to a cat cafe called Nekorobi in Ikebukuro.

For those of you who are wondering, cat cafe is just like what it sounds like-- a cafe with a bunch of cats inside. You play with the cats, snack on some soda and cookies, play Wii or with the new iPad, and just chillax with the cats. It's very therapeutic, and kinda hilarious. Most of the customers are clearly cat people, cooing and kyaing at all the widdo kitties. After what we had been through last night, a visit to cat cafe was just what the doctor ordered.

And now for some gratuitous feline imagery.

My favorite: Anko and Alex's favorite: Aisha

Doraemon was cute, but not really all that affectionate.

This one's called Kantaroso, he was a total sweetheart.

They had shaved Kuririn to look like a lion. Wonder if that's humane... Wait, it's cute-- humanity becomes irrelevant when it's CUTE!!!! =^+^=

Me feeding Anko.

Then we wrote in the guestbook!! My entry says: "Nya~! I love cats!" My friend Keith wrote "I LOVE DOGS. Love, Keith" The owner of the place said to us, "Dogs? Don't you mean cats? You mean cats, right? Oh wait... ha ha..."

One of those uniquely Japanese experiences... for sure.

I'm surprised something like this doesn't exist in the states. Then I remembered, Americans have no common sense. They would probably kill those cats, or just need to be regulated because they wouldn't understand that cats can't be forced to love them, or that cats don't just indiscriminately play with people the way dogs do.

Dog cafes... those would be popular. But messy.

I like cats :3

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