Wednesday, July 28, 2010

7月28日 Day 126: How We Study for Finals

Today, I woke up at 5:30 to get breakfast buffet at Jonathan's with my friends, Fady and Nick. We ate an epic breakfast of all-you-can-eat croissants and salad before our Japanese finals. I think it made me do a lot better.

I mean, who couldn't do well when their friends make little faces in their tomatoes?

After the test, I went out to Office Bar with some other friends... regardless of the fact that I have a literature final that I'm not exactly 100% prepared for. Dutch courage is always the answer when it comes to literature... (jk kids, be sure to study hard!)

Office Bar is in Gaienmae, between Aoyama and Shibuya. It has a kick-ass view and over-priced trendy drinks in an Urban Outfitters-esque atmosphere. The walls are lined with new paintings up for auction every time we go, and there's often a DJ there playing some spiffy background music to the dimly lit room.

I wrote this while I was waiting for my friends... I was waiting for a while.

Standing with a glass of white wine at Office Bar, a lone DJ plays to a new gallery of neon paintings. A small child runs carefree amongst the empty tables and chairs, her parents monitoring cautiously from their table as they peruse the drink menu.

The DJ changes the track, lights a cigarette, and sips her wine. She looks at me, the only other customer in the bar, our eyes meet for a split second, but she breaks the undoubtedly uncomfortable gaze. She blows out the smoke.

I want a cigarette.

She's probably wondering why I'm sitting alone at this bar on a Wednesday night. My last Wednesday in Tokyo. I'll let her wonder.

I'll gaze pensively at the people on the sidewalk. They push past each other as they cross the street. They're just as alone as I am. Briefcases instead of bruises.

Jordan and Joelle should be here soon. Until then, I'll just be another American in Japan, sitting alone at a bar, wondering how in a city of millions, I wound up alone. My last Wednesday in Tokyo.

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