Thursday, May 13, 2010

5月13日Day 49: Nonchalant

Hi all, sorry for the long wait for updates again, there hasn't been much to report as of late so I'll condense most of the week into this post. It's the week of a regular Tokyo-ite.

On Monday, I accidentally took the wrong line to school. It was ok though, because I still knew how to get there. With a shortcut.

On Tuesday, I renewed my train commuter pass for 3 months. Yeah, no big deal. I live here.

On Wednesday, I wandered around Ebisu with my friends Kana and Jordan. No, we didn't go to the infamous Beer Garden. Kana told me it's more like a beer hall, so we're not really missing out on every man's version of heaven. Instead, we went to the Tokyo Museum of Photography and saw the work of Jeanloup Sieff.

My favorite photo:

Afterwards, we enjoyed some acai smoothies, shopping in Harajuku and then GYOZA for dinner at this famous hole in the wall. The place is so famous, it doesn't even have a name! You have to just know where it is and be there before the line starts building. It's only open for dinner, and the line builds like a Disneyland ride on the weekends so only locals and jetlagged tourists are there for the perfect time to eat: Wednesday at 6:30.

My pictures don't really do it justice, but the gyoza was to die for. I had 2 and a half plates, or 15 pieces of sheer gyoza goodness. They only serve 2 different types of gyoza: boiled or pan fried. Personally, I liked the pan-fried because no one can ever make boiled gyoza better than my grandparents'. You can also get rice, moyashi (bean sprouts), cabbage and cucumbers for side dishes, but who wants that when you can have GYOZA for 280円?!

Anyway, Thursday rolled around and my friend Joelle and I went to Starbucks in Shinjuku to study for our religion test.

Seriously, who wants to study in quiet little Heiwadai when you can study in bustling Shinjuku with a perfect view of Isetan?! I made myself quite comfy and only missed 2 questions on the quiz. YAY FOR ACADEMIA!

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