Monday, May 24, 2010

5月24日 Day 60: Shabu Shabu Shibuya

My friends Keith and Harriet took us to this awesome tabehoudai shabu shabu restuarant in Shibuya on Monday. The weather's been rainy, depressing and HUMID so we all thought it would be the perfect occaision to get shabu shabu before it's hot, rainy, depressing and humid.

The way we cooked shabu shabu was a way I've never seen before-- and with sauces I've never used either. We cooked one side of our veggies and meat in soy milk and the other half in spicy stock. The sauces we used were the regular ponzu and daikon sauce, with an additional goma (sesame seed) sauce that was thicker. FLIPPIN' DELICIOUS-- you should all be very, very jealous.

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