Monday, June 14, 2010

6月14日 Day 82: OMG ONLY 7 WEEKS LEFT?!

It's dawned on me that there are only 7 weeks left here... 47 more days.


My friends and I have made a list, aptly titled, "List of Shit We Still Have to Do." There is indeed a lot of shit we still have to do, and a lot of places we have yet to see...

  1. Yokohama ~ Chinatown, theme parks, ferris wheel
  3. Nikko ~ supposed to be super nature-y and gorgeous
  4. Chiba ~ BEACH
  5. Odaiba ~ Super technological, futurist area. Newest district in Tokyo
  6. Azabujuban ~ chill district
  7. Koenji ~ other chill district; lots of second hand stuff :D
  8. Mt. Takao ~ a mountain closer, easier, and cheaper to climb than Fuji
  9. Enoshima ~ BEACH
  10. Trump Room ~ CLUB
  11. Ageha ~ CLUB
  12. Lock Up ~ Bar that looks like a jail. Your booth is in a cell!! X_X
  13. Tsukiji ~ FISH MARKET
  14. Cat cafe ~ I think there's one in Ikebukuro... you basically just pay to feed kittehs.
  15. Paddle boats in Kichijoji (or in Odaiba)
  16. Roller coasters (Yokohama, Tokyo Dome)
  17. Yurakucho Flee Market
  18. Imperial Palace ~ why not?
  19. Soba Factory ~ why not?
  20. Sendagaya Jazz Festival
  21. Doctor Fish ~ Letting fish eat the dead skin off our feet... tee hee. Can't lie about how excited I am about that one! XD

Let's see how I'm going to cross all these things off on my self-mandated $12 per diem...

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  1. I'll do #1, #2 if you haven't already, #5, #7, #8, #9, #17, and #18.

    And all the others too!!! But particularly Yokohama and Enoshima because they are so close to me! :D