Monday, June 21, 2010

6月21日 Day 89: DISNEY SEA

As a typical Angelino, I've loyally bowed my head southwards towards my Mecca, Disneyland, since my infancy.

Now at the ripe age of 20, I've decided to convert. TO DISNEY SEA.

My friends on the Disney monorail. Note the handles and the window!! Japan goes APE for Mickey!

The center of Disney Sea. Have no idea what movie it's referencing-- but damn, it's cool. PS: That volcano is hollow and full of a Journey to the Center of the Earth ride.

The Main Square of Disneyland looks like old America. The Main Square of Disney Sea looks like old Italy. LOVED IT!

The Aztec portion of Disney Sea: complete with an Indiana Jones ride replica and other flaming coasters.

The Agrahba Sect of Disney Sea. Yes, it's from Aladdin. Which takes place in "Arabia" but this land has some Indian influences as well. Not like Japanese people would notice or care about the difference.

Felt like I was in Turkey!

Here's Ariel's Castle. Aka: every little girl's dream.

Here's King Triton on the inside.

On the inside, you can also ride these tea cups and spinning blowfish.

It's mostly for little kids, but that's never stopped anyone.

Here's the stage of the most amazing on-site Disney Show I've ever seen. It was basically the Cirque du Soleil version of The Little Mermaid-- I wish I was allowed to take pictures. There were spinning trapeze artists and a starfish doing interpretive dances. There was also a HUGE robotic Ursula head that BLEW MY MIND. I would go back to Disney Sea for that Ursula head.

We stayed until 10pm, closing... probably one of my favorite days here :]

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