Saturday, June 26, 2010

6月26日 Day 94: Yokohama & Trump Room

Saturday was spent on my feet. A few friends and I went to Yokohama to see Chinatown, Cosmo World, and shop.

I have to say in all honesty that Chinatown was a bit underwhelming. *This coming from someone schooled in San Francisco, mind you. I mean, yeah it was cool seeing all the better Chinese architecture and decor and food, but it was WAY over-priced and a little repetitive after a few blocks of restaurants.

The GREAT thing about Yokohama Chinatown (and most of Japan) is its cleanliness. How unauthentically awesome X]

Definitely made me miss SF Chinatown and my favorite dim sum place down the street from my apartment with the softball-sized jendui.

After eating lunch in Ishikawa-cho, we headed to Sakuragi-cho to go see Cosmo World and all the great Yokohama shopping we had heard so much about.

Cosmo World is a theme park in Sakuragi-cho, one stop away from Yokohama station. It's basically like a mini-carnival... the closest thing I can harken it to is Santa Monica Pier... but better because the rides don't suck.

We didn't go on this, but we did go on the Ferris Wheel!

WE WERE SOOOOO HIGH~ and Lisa and Joelle were a little scared... but that's ok because we made it off alive!! ^_^

Photo by Lisa

Greatest moment: seeing a couple in the next gondola sucking some serious face. PDA in Japan is a HUGE no-no, so I think the false sense of privacy this couple felt in this glass enclosure was too much to handle and they just went for it while my friends and I watched, pointed, and laughed.

Oh, Japan and your sexually repressed masses. Gets me every time.

(It was raining when we went, so I clearly didn't take this picture)

After we went to Cosmo World, we went to this mall by the train station. I think it's called "Diamond" but I could be wrong. I scored some serious swag at this place because THE ENTIRE MALL WAS HAVING A 30-50% OFF SALE.

New sandals... from Top Shop ;)

New belt from Top Shop ;)

Then we ate dinner at a soba place inside the mall. I got tempura. DELICIOUS.

On the ride home, I was debating over whether or not I should go to Trump Room, a super posh night spot in Shibuya, and stay up until 5am. I had been up since 9am, walking all day... by the time we got home, it was about 10:30pm. I decided to go out to make sure no opportunity remained un-seized. I downed 2 coffees, threw on some make-up and my zebra print dress from the Flee Market and my friends and I jumped on the shuu-den (the last train).

(Obviously, not my picture)

Trump Room was a surreal club... there's just no other word for it. The interior was basically a baroque wet dream. The walls were covered with ornate gold-framed mirrors of varying size and you couldn't see the ceiling because it was obscured by crystal chandeliers and 2 gigantic disco balls. Red velvet, leather and velour chaises lined the walls while some serious Euro-trash trance music lit up the dance floor and dual-facing stages.

The atmosphere was by far the most interesting one I've felt in Tokyo but the music was undoubtedly the worst... I'm still not sure if the place was empty because the music was so crappy, because we showed up late or just because there wasn't an event going on, but it was a little deader than I expected it to be at 2am on a Saturday...

By the end of the night, everyone had passed out on some kind of chaise and we rode the first train back to Heiwadai bleary eyed and beautiful. CARPE... DIEM'D.

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