Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6月15日 Day 83: The Best Midnight Snack EVER

Yesterday at about 11:45pm, my friend Nick and I were hungry. On our way to 711, we ran across a ramen truck and feasted. Epically.

The ramen truck is basically what it sounds like, a truck that sells and makes ramen. The trunk is essentially a huge hot plate with basins of boiling water. It was cheap, convenient, and ridiculously satisfying.

We were already about half way to 711 and the driver was kind enough to drive behind us all the way back to our apartment to make our ramen. He then told us to get our own bowls so we could take it back inside with us. He had cases of fresh chashu, bamboo, egg, kamaboko and onions. Delicious, and environmentally friendly. AMAZING. And it was only 600円, ALSO AMAZING.

To wash it all down, Nick and I watched some Frasier while we slurped away at our bowls of greasy Japanese goodness. Needless to say, we were very, very happy with our midnight snack. To think, American college students have to boil their own crappy instant ramen. WE GET IT DELIVERED--FRESH!! d(^O^)b


Today, to make up for that horribly irresponsible, yet strangely fulfilling midnight snack, I went for a run with my friend Jordan in 65% humidity. I felt sticky all day because my foot-length skirt basically serves as a portable steam-room for my legs, so I thought the running would cool me down and also make me feel a little less guilty about the ramen. I WAS DYING. The sun wasn't even out when we were running at about 6pm and I was sweating buckets. I also forgot to take my make-up off before we started running, so I'm almost certain I was racooning it all the way home.

Whatever, it was worth it for that ramen X}

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  1. Your legs became DIM SUM!!! Bahahhahaa. That was the best.