Monday, April 5, 2010

4月5日 Day 12: BREAD

Got my Alien Registration aka: Gaijin Card today.

Got some lunch before. Zaru-soba with soba-yu later. AMAZZZZZZINNNNNGGGGGG.

Then my friends and I found this AMAZING bakery in Nerima on our way back to Heiwadai!

Prepare to drool:


  1. Mmm! Bakeries have aromas fit for a king! I'm curious.. okay so you know how in Mexico they have the panaderias with those neopolitan looking cookies and bread cookies baked like pigs, and in France they are known for croissants and pan au chocolate etc etc. What are some good bakery treats that are totally Japanese?

  2. Hmmm, melon pan. Pronounced meh-ron pahn. It's not actually melon flavored, it just looks like 1/2 a melon :3