Saturday, April 17, 2010

4月17日 Day 24: Meccas for the Shoharas

It's really too bad I don't have enough money to ship back all the ADORABLE furniture and housewares I find here. I've been to 3 new stores that make me want to redecorate my entire apartment. I feel like I see my family in all of these stores.

MUJI is basically the love child of Ikea and J.Jill. It has basic, loose fitting, peasant-style, neutral, linen clothing and modern, and streamlined minimalist dishes, pencils, notebooks, towels, sheets, cooking accessories, make-up etc. AND IT'S CHEAP. Holy balls it was cheap. It's a store that my Auntie Aj would LOVE for its simplicity, it's neutral tones, and thriftiness.

FRANC FRANC is a store my Auntie Sue would like. It mixes modern bold patterns with technologically advanced and sleek living necessities. Things in there are colorful and bold but still understated. They have REALLY cute aprons, dishes, oven mits, and cooking utensils. All the extra features these things have make Japanese housewives (and me) go, "EEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH?!?"

Tokyu Hands is a place my mother would love because it's a flippin' rat maze. It has EVERYTHING, on multiple, horribly-designed and hard-to-navigate levels. It's easy to get completely immersed in the overwhelming organization of the whole place. Unless you know what you're looking for, you could spend your life in there. Ergo, it's perfect for you, Mom.

I miss you all. I hope you'll come here to see me, or to see these stores. You'd love them.

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