Thursday, April 1, 2010

4月1日 Day 8: Sayonara, Mom!

Sorry, no pictures today! I was too busy showing my tour guide how to get to my dorm!

When I left the hotel, Mom and I were running late. She had originally wanted to eat lunch with me and then see me off to the correct station/platform but I had to do it alone because we were so late. It was finally my moment to shine, my moment to prove that I understood as much Japanese as I said, my moment to make it on my own!

And I did :)

After all the worrying and mothering and smothering my mom had pushed on me about getting lost, I got on the Chuo line headed in the right direction using nothing but my intuition. I got off at the right station and found the school; no problem.

Then I met my escort, Hiro. She was a really nice girl. She and I talked the whole train ride (in Japanese, to my amazement). We talked so much that we didn't realize that we had gotten on a train that switched directions half-way through. (Actually-- I realized it because the outside of the train was blue instead of tan, but didn't correct her thinking it was a short cut.)

Turns out, she had never been to Heiwadai before! So after we got off the train, I showed her where to go! It was funny-- I thanked her for taking me to Azalea, and she said, "No, thank YOU for taking ME!" What would have happened if I hadn't been twice before...??

Anyway, I've since settled down in my room and all these other people have also showed up too, including my friend Jordan who lives right next door to me. We're all going to orientation together tomorrow morning.

All the rest of the girls here are bi/tri-lingual. I've met people from Alaska, Russia, Finland, and Germany so far. THIS IS SO COOL~ KYAAAA!

Oh God. Just remembered I have to take my placement exam tomorrow. Have to cram and try to remember all the kanji I learned over the past two years. POOP!

There's no internet in my room (it's only free in the common lounge) so that means there's no distractions! Yay...?


  1. Woohoo! Study hard Kate! I know you will do well. Is that the same Jordan you are friends with from USF? If so that's awesome that you know someone over there!! This is so exciting :) :) xo ~alex

  2. Hi there!
    My name is Martina and I will study in Tokyo from October 2011. I will also stay at the Azalea House in Heiwadai and I wanted to ask you whether there is really no internet in the rooms?
    Thank you so much for your help and thank you for shareing your great expiriences!!!
    Greetings from Germany

    Yours Martina