Sunday, April 11, 2010

4月11日 Day 18: Okonomiyaki!

So today, I slept in until 2pm. Yep, that's right: 2pm. I've NEVER done that before. Who thought gay clubbing would be so draining??

I had just enough time to put on my make up and meet my friend Kana for dinner. I haven't seen her since high school so I was really glad we got to have a reunion in Japan! Before we ate, we went to this awesome store called Loft! Talk about Mecca. Loft is like Donkey Hote, but way classier. It's full of cute apartment necessities, furniture, and other day-to-day stuff. They had a HUGE stationary section, so I was slightly relieved that mom hadn't discovered this place while she was here...

I got a little bell for my keys (so I don't lose them) and it came with this free bento-bag! Please read the Engrish on this thing...

"Isn't he somewhat resemble your cat?!"

I also bought this cute Rilakkuma phone charm. In Japan, it's completely unacceptable to NOT have something (if not many things) dangling from your phone. It's like, the only way you can express your identity...

Wonder what mine says about me? Haha.

Then I had Okonomiyaki for the first time at this place called Gottsui in Shibuya!

Okonomiyaki is a dish from Kansai and it tastes like heaven. It's basically a grilled cabbage-y pancake. One of ours had yakisoba and yamaimo in it! Okonomiyaki is covered with a sweet sauce (sort of similar to tonkatsu sauce), but the whole thing tastes pretty savory. It's the perfect combination of the Japanese palette! It was so filling, I can't believe we ordered two of them! If you've never had okonomiyaki, TRY IT! I can't believe I've survived 20 years without it!

After that, Kana and I decided to claim our inner FOBs and went to do purikura! Purikura is like a photobooth... on crack. In America, photobooths are tiny cramped little boxes that let you take 4 different pictures using 4 different facial expressions. That's it. In Japan, you have a HUGE space (enough to lay on your side). You take 6 pictures, using 6 different angles, positions, poses, lighting, and backgrounds and then after you're done taking them you get to DECORATE THEM! The technology is so advanced now that you can even choose one of the pictures to e-mail to your phone!

A few things I found unnerving: 1.) The photobooth automatically increased the size of our eyes. 2.) One of the booths we went to gave us FREE fake eyelashes! WTF?! I think they just automatically assume that everyone in the booth wants their eyes to look bigger and more doll-like. It's the weirdest frickin' thing I've ever seen because my eyes aren't that small... so I looked like a bug in a few of the photos! O_O

First day of school tomorrow! Nervous/excited... wish me luck!

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