Friday, April 30, 2010

4月30日 Day 37: In This Club

So my friend had a party last night at a club called New Lex in Roppongi. It was my first time clubbing in Japan and it was NOMI-HOUDAI (all you can drink)! Although in retrospect, I didn't REALLY use it to my advantage... but that's ok because I can actually remember everything! (^0^)

In short, this is what it looked like when we entered the club at 11:45pm:

This is what it looked like when we left the club at 5am:

Highlights of the night:

-Getting introduced to Akanishi Jin (Japanese Justin Timberlake aka: love of my life circa 2007)

-Sitting and dancing VIP with my friends while the other mere mortals were forced to stand and get shoved around all night on the dance floor.


-Hearing my favorite song, "SHOTS," by LMFAO and dancing my heart out.

-Helping random strangers get to the toilet before they blew chunks all over the club bathroom.

-Watching some random guy knock over all our drinks, shattering all our glasses.

-Getting burned by some douche's cigarette, ruining a good pair of tights.

-Watching all the Japanese girls throw themselves at sleazy gaijin.

-Losing all feeling in my feet from wearing my hooker heels.

-Leaving the club, watching the sunrise.

-Taking off shoes in Hibiya Station, walking barefoot all the way home.

So, first and foremost-- I ran into Akanishi Jin about 4 times last night. I bet he probably thinks I was following him haha. My friend who knows him pulled me up to the velvet ropes, made Akanishi get up and take a look at me. I flashed him a peace sign (his signature one from his days on Gokusen) and a smile and he sat back down, probably unimpressed, but WHATEVS. Then, after I told my friend Kana that I saw him, he wound up standing at one of the tables in the middle of the club. I told her, "GO TOUCH HIM, YOU'LL NEVER GET ANOTHER CHANCE." So she did. Then I ran into him when I went to the bathroom. My friend Keith saw me, opened the men's door and he was standing right there. We made distinct eye-contact and I'm pretty sure his eyes were saying, "Woah, it takes a very desperate disgusting person to follow someone to the bathroom." BUT I DIDN'T FOLLOW HIM!! (+_+);; Anyway, the last time I saw him, he was sitting in our VIP couch section (even though he had a private one all to his own posse). He was just sitting there, looking at the crowd, looking bored. I told my friend Heather (the cutest white girl you'll ever meet) to go say hi to him. She had no idea who he was-- but I told her how famous he was and she had a nice little chat with him where he said, "How do you know who I am? I'm so famous. I want to dance with you later." HAHA.

All Akanishi sightings aside, the night was UBER fun. I felt like such a badass flashing my VIP wristband. My friend basically does PR for this club so he got us all in the private seating section. It was soooo much better than dancing on the main floor, which was probably more like a summer rush hour train towards the end of the night. It's weird how the fact that I got to sit down made me VIP, but there were NO SEATS IN THE CLUB. Yep, that's right. None. Pretty awesome after you lose all feeling in your feet and get sick of everyone's sweaty body rubbing up against you. Towards the end, I wasn't even dancing standing up-- I was loving my luxury VIP couch too much.

Here's a cool drink my friend brought over for us. I have no idea what was in it.

One thing that sort of amazed me was the fact that I somehow wound up holding some random Japanese girl's hair back while she puked, my usual duty whenever girls and alcohol come together. I was in line for the bathroom, pretty much at the front, when all of a sudden this guy shoves this girl in front of me and says, "She needs to go before you." Seeing her pale and sweaty face, I knew this guy wasn't joking. There was one other girl in front of me, but I told her in Japanese that this girl was going to barf all over the bathroom if she didn't go ahead.

There were only 2 stalls in the bathroom, so barfing girl was in one, and the girl in front of me was really nice about letting her move ahead. Once the second stall was free, another girl about to blow ran to the front and I told the girl in front of me, once again, to move out of the way. Now both stalls in the bathroom had puking 70 pound Japanese girls in them. They were taking soo long and so I made small talk with the other non-puking Japanese girls in line. They said, "You are such a good friend." to which I replied, "I don't even know them!" After a little more small talk, my new friends and I noticed these girls were taking too long in the stalls. I let my ugly American out and pounded on both doors yelling, "オ~イ!!早くしなさいよ!" Which means, "HURRY THE EFF UP."

Little did I know how urgent this message was. The girl in front of me who had been kind enough to let two other girls pass her had been waiting patiently for her chance to spew and finally couldn't wait any longer. She ran towards the sink, and in my attempt to make up for the fact that I had basically ushered 2 girls ahead of her, I held her hair back and ran the water. The girls I was talking to in line said, "Wow, you really are a good friend." to which I replied, "I don't know her either." HA.

All in all, it was a good night full of debauchery, dancing and drinks; but I really don't think I need to do that again any time soon. Roppongi is legitimately dangerous, full of mischievous gaijin, belligerent drunks and other shady people looking for something to occupy their night. Clubbing in Roppongi until 5am was definitely something on my list of things to do in Japan, and now I've done it...

In 5" heels, for most of the night. Funny story: Today, I ate it while walking in flat sandals-- I might have re-torn my ligament! I'm going to Kyoto tomorrow! YAY!


  1. kate! i miss you!! thank you for sharing these amazing stories! this post put a much needed smile on my face. so i just wanted to say thank you!
    beste, kelly

  2. did u really met jinjin!!