Friday, April 9, 2010

4月9日 Day 16: Amagi Goe

I did karaoke from 1am-5am in the morning. Why?? I still don't even know. My inner Japanese was crying out to sing some Enka I guess.

Yes, amidst the Backstreet Boys, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Iron Man, I made some time for my favorite Enka song, Ishikawa Sayuri's Amagi Goe. I sang the crap out of it-- really well. (Btw, I'm super good at being modest ;] ) I'm sure if I'm drunk/ballsy enough, I can do it again if someone asks.

Because of that sheer and utter nonsense, my day didn't officially kick off until about 2pm. We ate lunch standing up at a soba/udon place in Shinjuku train station, which was surprisingly awesome. We all wanted something quick and cheap, but got something delicious as well: hot mushroom soba. *Drool* If so many salary men weren't waiting to eat after us, I might have taken a picture. Next time...

Then after that, some friends and I went to Takebashi to go to MOMAT, the Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo. We weren't allowed to take pictures, so here are the jpgs of the highlights.

Gardening (Manhattan) by Oscar Oiwa. This painting was epic (probably took up the whole 10 foot wall) and it made me happy.

Shihota Chiharu: Bathroom 1999. This was basically a video installation of a girl bathing in a tub full of muddy water and covering her face with dirt. It was like The Ring. In the mud. Maybe I'll die in 7 days...

The museum was great because it had FREE college student admission. SCORE. Definitely going back there. Didn't even get to scope the gift shop.

It also had BEAUTIFUL views of the cherry blossoms, the Imperial Palace and its moat.


I love Tokyo's twilight hour right before the sun goes down. I think that's when the city looks the most beautiful. The neon against the dusk light is unlike anything I've ever seen. Throw in the traditional historic beauty of the imperial palace and you've got something really magical.'s also a great escape from my messy room. It smells like unwashed laundry and plastic wrappers. Welcome back to college life!

Just realized that I haven't showered. I still have the stench of karaoke on me: cigarettes, sweat, passion and shame all rolled into one. Toodles!

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