Tuesday, April 6, 2010

4月6日 Day 13: Marking My Territory

Today, Yuko-Sensei sent me a care-package!

It had ramen, biscuts, bath soap, and all sorts of other goodies. Namely, a hanko!

Hanko are stamps. They are the official signature and mark of everyone in Japan.

Offical marks are made in red, but Yuko-sensei sent me green because my favorite color (and Japanese name) is green!

It says Midori~! :D

After opening my care package, my friends and I went to Ueno Zoo! It was a gorgeous day, 65 degrees and sunny! I haven't been to the zoo since I was a kid, so you BET I was SUPER excited!!

Everyone in Ueno was doing Hanami~!

Some animal highlights:

Red Panda




Smiley elephant


Armadillo. Dude moved like a freakin' cheetah though.


This was by far the most gorgeous day I've seen here so far. Here's for the next to come!

Yay for new friends :D

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